Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
1 year ago

S2E13 - The Real Thing

"We are putting together the largest change to Family law since Commodore Grandma was alive. It's been a monumental effort and we're not even close to done. But five years from now, the Family will be better off than we've ever been before. That's what I'm doing."

Four months after the Peregrination ships Look to the Stars and Find Hope and Forge Sorrow Into Joy saved Arcturus Station from the destruction of the Solar Storm, captains Arturoskin and Calsdottir discuss a complex deal that may change the face of the Peregrination and all who call it their Family. **

The Cast Tora Zanches is played by Kris Allison Eka Amityskin is played by Rue Dickey Ettienne Calsdottir is played by Christina Mcclain Evie Yurisdottir is played by Jeremiah Yuri Arturoskin is played by Scott Paladin


This epsiode was written and edited by Scott Paladin. It was transcribed by James


Click here for the episode’s script.


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