Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
1 year ago

S2E10 - The Train Job

Content warnings: this episode contains corrupt law enforcement, drugging


"Does life in the black always end up with someone jumping out the airlock of a ship in motion, kilometers away from anything else with atmo and relying on exo suit thrusters to get them to a ship with a jerry-rigged remote hatch lock, before their O2 runs out?"

Two familiar faces work together to steal something a very rich person doesn't need and give it to another very rich person who doesn't need it, as it’s transported from Luna to the Ganymede Exotic Floral Exhibition. It’s a flawless plan, but they didn’t count on running into the law.


The Cast Alfee Augusto is played by Scott Paladin Marshall Layla Bird is played by Erika Kaiser Marshal Mack Reyez is played by Ryan Astheimer Anse is played by Quill Turner Gasto is played by Corvyn Appleby


This episode was written by Lee Seguinte, and edited by Erik Seguinte. It was transcribed by Coehen.


Click here for the episode’s script.


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