Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
1 year ago

S2E2 - The Long Way Home From Ceres

Content Warnings: this episode includes parental abuse of a child, childhood neglect, amputation, eye trauma, audio gore.


"It was supposed to be a simple job. But in this line of work, there's so such fucking thing."

Dogwalkers take the jobs you can't put in the books. Sometimes, that's taking something for someone it doesn't belong to. Sometimes, it's bringing back something that does. This job is one of the latter. Grey's employer this time is very influential, and very wealthy. And currently missing a child. But when Grey discovers his quarry has been adopted by the Peregrination, things get a great deal more complicated.


The Cast Farza is played by Christine Tardiff Grey is played by Vic Collins Link is played by Kasha Mika Nandri is played by Devin Nelson


This episode was written and edited by Scott Paladin.


Click here for the episode’s script.


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