Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
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7 months ago

S3E2 - By Any Other Name

Content Warnings


"The people are hungry for entertainment. Especially out past the Belt...and we can provide it. Because we, actors, storytellers, we are the stuff as dreams are made of."

Not satisfied with their status as one of the preeminent Shakespeare troupes of the Inner System, Thalia’s Players seeks to take a production of Romeo & Juliet to theaters past Kuiper. Their attempts to find a suitable Juliet seem to be successful, until they find out that their newly-hired principal actress is, in fact, already employed by someone else. And they want her back.

** The Cast

  • Reynard-Alexis Manu Pedersen De Cloet is voiced by SJ Ryker
  • Gerst Carel is voiced by Interiority
  • Bened Ingegarde is voiced by Thomas Flemming
  • Villaverde Markey is voiced by Saph the Something
  • Tylor Paquet is voiced by Sophie Borjón
  • Imra Otouxii is voiced by Izzy Trevellian
  • Pilot is voiced by Jasper Locke


This episode was written and directed by Lee Seguinte, and edited by Erik Seguinte. It was transcribed by Charlie Caruso-Neal


Click here for the episode’s script.


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