Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
3 months ago

S3E10 - Five Foot Six & Two-Fifteen

Content Warnings violence, extortion


"And that's the bell! Sol Survivors demolish the Red Planet Rollers, 159 to 72, securing the coveted second spot in this year's Martian Madness making this the first time two teams from Ganymede will go head to head in the recently-renamed Augusto Amphitheater.

_"_Martian Madness 26! 10 players. One rink. Two Variable Gravity Roller Derby teams. One winner. It’s Gany vs. Gany when the LaStrange Points face off against the Sol Survivors! And it’s not just home planets the teams share. This season, the Survivors are captained by Patsy Crime, who is not only the former jammer of the Strangers, but also the ex-girlfriend of their captain. We all saw how hot that rivalry got last year during their live-streamed breakup. Wonder what’s going to happen when it’s played out p^g style– in the rink.

** The Cast

  • Ion Piledrive is voiced by Rue Dickey
  • Gal Axe-y is voiced by Mel Nichols
  • Rock-it Man is voiced by Dorian Laverne
  • Newton's First Out-law is voiced by Elise "Atlas" Chien
  • Kiss My Asimov is voiced by Ella Watts
  • Patsy Crime is voiced by Lindsay Zana
  • Kieran Duke is voiced by Amy Crossthwait
  • Noss Rekker is voiced by SJ Ryker
  • Buck Beckwith is voiced by Quinn
  • Whalin’ Jennings is voiced by Thomas Flemming
  • Johnny Crash is voiced by Calendula Blanco
  • Crank Williams Junior is voiced by Soul
  • Dwight Choke-Em is voiced by Rachel Scully
  • Hat Guy is voiced by Wyatt West
  • Cam is voiced by Sam Stark
  • The Hotel Attendant is voiced by Saph the Something


This episode was written by Lee Seguinte & edited by Erik Seguinte. It was transcribed by Sophie.


Click here for the episode’s script.


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