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2 months ago

Delta-Vee Dining, Supercut Edition!


A burger's always going to be a burger.

Join Jesse "Flash" Fry on a culinary journey of discovery around the system.


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The Cast

Jesse Fry played by audioquinn

  • 2:41 DVD 1: Vientiane Cafe, Rezanov Station Chef Som played by Lafayette P. Uttarapong

  • 7:10 DVD 2: The Walnut Tree, Terraria Hulya Dimir was played by Aly Amador

  • 11:30 DVD 3: Deimos DeLites, New Philadelphia, MARS BF was played by Jerry Harris

  • 19:06 DVD 4: Shepherd's Crossing, Ganymede Dove Foster was played by Emma Johanna Puranen

  • 26:43 DVD 5: The Half-Moon, Raven Station Avram was voiced by Anna Stein

  • 36:53 DVD 6: Sam's Place, The Backlot Sam was voiced by S.J Ryker

  • 47:13 DVD 7: Elspeth's Chuckwagon, 2.5 degrees off Saturn orbit Carmy was voiced by Scott Paladin (and didn't die)

  • 54:02 DVD 8: Freighter Shoulda Taken a Left, Neptune Cycler Moriah was voiced by Rebecca Krause

  • 58:11 DVD 9: The Noodle Smelter, Ceres Rambles Akkuna Lee was voiced by Kale Brown

  • 1:07:56 DVD 10: Waystation 237, 36061 Haldane Deborah Brosky was voice by Daisy Macnamara

  • 1:13:46 DVD 11: Mateo and Stuart's Pasteis, Rio de Jazeiro, MARS Mateo was voiced by Quill Turner Stuart was voiced by Jesse Hall

  • 1:21:23 DVD 12: Somewhere on Callisto Captain Jasmine Duvallskin was voiced by Izzy Trevalian


Delta-Vee Dining was written, directed, and edited by Aaron Olson


Click here for the show's scripts.


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