Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
11 months ago

S2E15 - ATTN: Mandatory Holiday Briefing (Season 2 Finale)


A look at some of the many holidays of the System.

** The Cast

The Netpedia Narrator is played by Kale Brown

I’ll Manage Price is played by Jerry Harris Manager is played by Eryn "Cerise" Dearden

Written by Olivia Cottle, edited by Aaron Olsen

Aphelion Away From Home Ariel "Ari" Attison is played by Vic July Lamarr is played by Meredith McKee

Written by James Big, edited by Aaron Olsen

The Shuttle of Knowledge Satellite Sally is played by Christina McClaine Asteroid Andy is played by Jerry Harris Professor Roseline is played by Alice Kyra

Written by Charlie Caruso-Neal, edited by Kale Brown

Trapped on Port Kringle Milky Way is played by Scott Paladin Star Freighter is played by Olivia Cottle Low Orbit is played by Thomas Flemming Mrs MacDougal is played by Mel Nichols Bill-John is played by Scott Paladin Svetlana is played by Emma Johanna Puranen Krastner is played by Quill Turner James is played by James Big

Written by Michael Panush, edited by Scott Paladin

Singing the Sorrow Song Rian is played by Kris Allison Kai is played by Paige Koch

Written & edited by Scott Paladin

Advertisements Comet Kyle is played by Thomas Flemming The Look And Listen Lad Narrator is played by M. German The Look And Listen Lad Himself is played by Kasha Mika Expensivia’s Endangered Species Bone Jewelry Collection Narrator is played by Emily Buza Colonel Yum-Yum is played by Interiority Dr. Terrorstein’s One-Shot Injectable Fear Solution Narrator is played by Richard Kreutz-Landry

The advertisements were written by Michael Panush, and edited by Kale Brown

Netpedia narration was adapted by Lee Seguinte & edited by Scott Paladin


Click here for the episode’s script. This episode was transcribed by Rebecca Krause


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