Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
1 month ago

S3E15 - The Day That YuKon Died, Part 2

** Now, it's time to say goodbye. Goodbye to the rigid, old, stifling framework responsible for holding back original excellence, personal development, and individual responsibility, and welcome in the opportunity for new growth!

[Please note that giving the change in corporate structure, employee YEETS will be deactivated immediately following this broadcast. There will be no future official announcements from the Voice of YuKon. Any messages claiming to be from YuXecutives should be immediately reported to the fraud detection department via its redline commdress.]

Associates, welcome to the future. The future that is in your hands. But remember, whatever changes that future brings, YOU will always put the YOU in YuKon.


This episode was written by Aaron Olson, Ash Seguinte, Interiority, James Big, Kasha Mika, Scott Paladin, & SJ Ryker. It was edited by Aaron Olson, Erik Seguinte, Kale Brown, Sam Stark, Scott Paladin, & SJ Ryker.

The Cast

Delta-Vee Dining Segments

  • Deborah- Daisy McNamara
  • Sam- SJ Ryker
  • Jesse “Flash” Fry- audioquinn
  • Jesse’s PA- M. German
  • YuKon Drone 1- Vanessa Haas
  • YuKon Drone 2- Jerry Harris

I See the Stars Are Here With Me Segment

  • Slick - Scott Paladin
  • Heck - Amy Young
  • Cat - Ella Watts

Tidal Heat Segment

  • Guenevere Abtangelo- Ari Delyn
  • Isadora Zheng - Christina McClain
  • Mermin Zavanna - James Big

As They Ride on Hear Their Cry Segment

  • Travis - Ben Awtry
  • Roman Diaz- Mike Freemandle

News Segments

  • Preston Jorgenson- Thomas Flemming
  • Newscaster- Ari Delyn
  • The Voice of YuKon- Arielle Click

By Any Other Name Segment

  • Reynard-Alexis Manu Pedersen De Cloet- SJ Ryker
  • Gerst Carrel- Interiority
  • Villaverde Markey - Saph the Something
  • Tylor Paquet- Sophie Borjón
  • Benned Ingegarde - Thomas Flemming
  • Pilot- Jasper Locke

Hounds of the Universe Segments

  • Crutchfield - Sam Stark
  • Molina - Mel Nichols

Five Foot Ten and Two-Fifteen Segment

  • Kit “Gal Axey” Brackett- Mel Nichols
  • Em “Patsy Crime” Crane - Lindsey Zanna
  • Nine Haidee- James Big
  • Henrietta Demirci- Faye Holliday

The Place Called Home Segments

  • Jet Propolser- Jasper Lock
  • Aidan Morgansson - Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall
  • Grey Linkskin- Vic Collins
  • Low Orbit- Thomas Flemming
  • Killian North- Kale Brown
  • Link Ekaskin- Kasha Mika

Their Brands Were Still On Fire Segments

  • Ivanhoe Iveskin: Quill Turner
  • Monrole Jones: Meg Connell

Terminal Hospitality Segment

  • Terminal Bartender- SJ Ryker
  • Barfly- Rachel Scully
  • Casey- Sophie Borjón
  • Sheriff Grant- Ness Rocker


Click here for the episode’s script.


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