Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
4 months ago

S3E8 - The Place Called Home

Content Warnings: divorce, cult behavior, deception, kidnapping, mention of gore


"We're already pretty self-sufficient, plus we're willing to trade with ulko, so the Family ships don't have anything we can't make ourselves or get elsewhere."

Brought aboard a Peregrination ship against their will by a friendly young crewman, a prickly NoGo discovers the Family’s soft, rotten underside.

** The Cast

  • Aidan Morgansson is voiced by Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall
  • Jet Propulsor is voiced by Jasper Lock
  • Captain Elliemay Settlesdottir is voiced by Amy Young
  • Doctor Maron Settleschild is voiced by Ari Ingalls
  • Commander Brannis is voiced byScott Paladin


This episode was written by Kasha Mika, and edited by Kale Brown. It was transcribed by Sam Stark.


Click here for the episode’s script.


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