Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
1 year ago

S2E1 - On Rocky Ground & My Stars Will Never Leave Me

Content Warnings: These episodes contain: main character death, implied suffocation, physical injury.


"Ari, seriously, if you're receiving this you need to get back here now. We just lost telemetry for C-COWs across half the planet..."

A solar storm can kill a ship or rip a station to shreds, but what will it do to a couple on Mars whose relationship is already on the rocks? Does it push them together, or finish tearing them apart?


"I don't know...Is that what you're looking to hear? I don't know why we come out here. I don't know why we'd rather be falling into the sun in a plastic bag rather than safe and sound somewhere we can breathe as much as we like..."

Where is the line between friendship, and romance? Between rescue, and willful self destruction? In the immediate aftermath of the sentential storm, two shipmates learn the answers to both question.


The Cast On Rocky Ground Ariel "Ari" Attison is played by Vic Collins July Lamarie is played by Meredith McKee Rick Princip is played by M. German The Computer is played by Bunny York Ventura is played by Sean Gettys

This episode was written by James Big.

My Stars Will Never Leave Me Shan is played by JPG True is Played by Mel Nichols

This episode was written by Lee Seguinte.

Both were edited by Erik Seguinte. Both were transcribed by Erika Kaiser.


Click here for the episode’s script.


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