Breathing Space: A Sci-Fi Western Audio Anthology
The void is cold, but not lonely.
4 months ago

S3E7 - Roll On, Northumbria

Content Warnings: Workplace accidents, injury, environmental disasters


"Since you're all here, I guess you figured out we got ourselves a new yard. Reason for that's we got a new hull too. A fuck-off big one.

_"_With the recently-signed treaty between Mars and Luna exponentially increasing the prices of industrial imports to Terra, corporations on Earth have found themselves in need of their own fleet of spaceships. Which means commissioning them from Delaney Shipyards. The workers of Yard 3’s Second Shift have been put to work laying the hull of the Northumbria, the largest liquid hydrogen hauler to ever be commissioned. But as the crew is pushed to by management work faster, at the expense of safety, Second Shift is forced to make dangerous compromises, or risk their jobs at the yard.

** The Cast

  • George “Pony” Cheval is voiced by Jesse
  • Arval “Bread” Baker is voiced by Kasha Mika
  • Verner “Step-Off” Gil is voiced by Ryan Astheimer
  • Anastasia Isabella "MagLock" “Maggie” Young is voiced by Daisy McNamara
  • Delia “Balloon” Feelan is voiced by Lafayette Uttarapong
  • Sal Rudd is voiced by Max Newland
  • Leslie Logan is voiced by Michael E. Freemantle
  • Gunnar is voiced by Scott Paladin


This episode was written and directed by Lee Seguinte, and edited by Erik Seguinte. It was transcribed by Bonny.


Click here for the episode’s script.


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